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Business support

We offer legal support for business and services of a lawyer in various branches of law, including in the field of international economic activity, pledge, loan, lease, land tenure, taxation, tax planning, intellectual property, trademark right, etc.

We will:

  • help you to create a legal entity: prepare drafts of charter, regulations and other constitutional documents;
  • help you to reorganize a legal entity: prepare required documents for companies, banks, firms, as well as their branch offices and representative offices both in Russia and abroad;
  • render to you require assistance in state registration of Russian and foreign legal entities;
  • help you to solve any legal issues and establish relations with partners;
  • prepare contracts, agreements, claims and other legal documents;
  • help you to resolve complex labour disputes arisen with company employees.

We offer continuous legal support to your company under a legal support contract.

Legal support contract

Under a legal support contract your company may at any time obtain legal advice, regulatory materials, and explanations on any matters.

Qualified lawyer – a specialist in the field of corporate law – will prepare required documents, draw up contracts of any complexity, lists of disagreements, notes to contracts, and organize claims.

Documents and explanations may be presented to your company electronically, which guarantees maximum responsiveness and convenient form of work.

The amount of lawyer’s fees under the legal support contract depends on the amount of the lawyer’s work and shall be determined in form of monthly fixed payments. The minimum service fee under the support contract amounts to 30,000rubles per month.


We have a vast experience of handling arbitration cases of any complexity in court.

In order that lawyer could represent interest of your company with a commercial court, you need to conclude a contract with that lawyer. You can go about your business, and the lawyer will handle arbitration.

Under the contract for handling case in arbitration lawyer will prepare required documents, file them to court and other state bodies, represent you in court and render maximum assistance in handling your case.

The amount of lawyer's fees in arbitration depends on complexity of the case and shall be determined in each particular case. The minimum fee for handling an arbitration case of medium complexity in court amounts presently to 150,000rubles.

Judicial Practice in Arbitration Cases

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In view of the increased demand on information about goods and services in the Internet the majority of the companies post information about themselves on the websites, whose domain names comprise trademarks or symbols confusingly similar between each other.

The law of the Russian Federation protects interests of trademark owners.

However, nowadays trademarks are quite often use dun law fully in domain names in the Internet.

A number of cases associated with unauthorized use of trademarks and symbols confusingly similar betweeneach other, which are heard in commercial courts, increased.

Here is one of such examples

Company А (claimant) filed with the Commercial Court of the city of Moscowa lawsuit against company B (defendant) for prohibition of usage by the defendant of symbol ‘N’ in the domain name ‘’ in the Internet.

The claim was satisfied by judgment of the Commercial Court of the city of Moscow dated 00.00.2013.

The court prohibited Company B from using the symbol confusingly similar to ‘N’ trademark in the domain name ‘’ in the Internet.

The court recovered from Company B for the benefit of Company А 50,000 (fifty thousand) rubles as compensation for violation of rights to use ‘N’ trademark.

In their judgment the Commercial Court of the city of Moscow stated that claimant is the owner of ‘N’ trademark, which is confirmed by the certificate issued by Rospatent (Federal Intellectual Property Service).

Defendant is the administrator of the domain name ‘’ in the Internet, which is confirmed by registrar’s certificate.

The court found that the symbol used by defendant in the domain name is similar to ‘N’ trademark of claimant.

In accordance with Article1229 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation the owner may at their own discretion permit or prohibit other persons from usingmeans of individualization.

Claimant did not give in the manner specified by law their consent to defendant to use ‘N’ trademark.

Therefore claimant’s claims are well grounded and are subject to satisfaction.

Our lawyers practice in settling in commercial court disputes over rights trademarks and can provide legal assistance in handling such arbitration cases.