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We have extensive experience ofhearing civil cases in court.

We offer the services of a lawyer in civil cases involvingdisputes over inheritance, family issues, repaymentof debt, compensation for damage, RTAs, and other disputes, as well as the assistance of a lawyer in administrative cases.

We specializing housing disputes which constitute a significant part of all civil cases in court and are the most difficult in the judicial practice in civil cases.

An experienced lawyer will provide you with expert help, prepare anappealpetition, a cassation or supervisory appeal in a civil case, will handle the civil case in court.

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In November 2012 one of Moscow courtswith the participation of our lawyer conducted a hearing on a civil case involving the housing dispute over the claim of the Fyodorovsagainst the Department of Housing Policy and Housing Stock of Moscow to recognize the right to use the housing unit, and torequire the parties to conclude a contract of social rent of the housing unit.

Our lawyer has managed to win this complicated case in the court of 1st instance.

The Court granted the claim in part and required the Department of Housing Policy and Housing Stock of Moscowto conclude a contract of social rent of the housing unitwith all members of the Fyodorov family.

The complexity of this case is that the housing unit in dispute formerly was a hostel of the enterprise of which Mr Fyodorov and his wife were employees.However, the rights of the Fyodorov family consisting of 4 people, including 2 children, in the housing unit have not been secured in any way. In addition, at the time of the hearing of the case in court Mr Fyodorov, head of the household, was not registered in the housing unit. By the way, this situation is highly relevant for the city of Moscow.

However, the Department of Housing Policy and Housing Stock of Moscowdid not accept the judgment of the court of 1st instanceand filed an appeal petition with the Moscow City Court.

The appellate instance of the Moscow City Court overturned the judgment of the court of 1stinstance and made a new judgment dismissing the Fyodorovs’ claim completely. In this case, the decisive factor serving as a basis for dismissing the claim was the fact that the Fyodorovs had no supporting documents for the housing in the hostel of the enterprise of which they were at the time employees.

Currently, the Moscow City Court is considering a cassation appeal odged by the Fyodorovs, in which the lodgers request to uphold one of judicial decisions made in the case, namely, the judgment of the court of 1stinstance.

We will continue to post information on the progress of this case, as well as on other interesting cases with the participation of our lawyers.