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Family Attorney

Family proceedings are an important part of the legal framework of any society. This is why services of a family attorney long ago became so popular and much in demand around the world, since in such a case the whole family is under safe legal protection.

Family attorney will always come to your rescue: He will give you qualified legal advice, draw up required documents, represent your interest with judicial and other state bodies, and help you in complicated situations, e.g. in dissolution of marriage.

In order to make use of family attorney services you can enter into a contract with an attorney for service of your family. Under such contract you can at any time make use of family attorney services.

You can go about your business, and the attorney undertakes solution of all legal questions in your family.

The amount of family attorney’s fees under service contract depends on the amount of work and shall be determined in the form of monthly fixed payments. The minimum service fee under the contract amounts to 50,000 rubles per month.

Apart from family service contract we offer attorney’s assistance in particular family cases: dissolution of marriage, division of spouses’ property, determination of children’s residence, procedure of meetings with children, establishment of paternity, and other cases.

Family Law, Family Issues

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Family, motherhood, paternity and childhood in the Russian Federation are under protection of the State.

Family law proceeds from the need to streng then family, build family relations on mutual love and respect, mutual assistance and responsibility to the family of each family member, impermissibility of someone’s interference in family matters, guarantee that family members without hindrance exercise their rights, possibility of judicial protection of these rights.

These fundamental principles of family law are set forth in the Family Code of the Russian Federation.

The law only admits a marriage contracted with civil registry authorities.

Domestic partnerships do not entail legal consequences and are not admitted by law.

Family law establishes terms and procedures for entering into marriage, dissolution of marriage and rendering it invalid, regulate personal non-property and property relations between family members: spouses, parents and children (adoptive parents and adoptive children), between other relatives and other persons, as well as determine forms and procedures for placement in families of children without parental care.

Family issues constitute a significant part of civil cases heard in courts.

First of all these a dissolution of marriage and recovery of alimony cases, which are heard by justice of the peace. Any of the spouses, who decide to dissolve their marriage, can file to justice of the peace a lawsuit for dissolution of marriage.

If both spouses are ready to dissolve their marriage, and the family has no minor children, their marriage can be dissolved with civil registry authorities on the basis of applications of both spouses.

Family proceedings also include disputes over division of spouses’ property, over determination children’s residence with one of their parents upon dissolution of marriage; disputes over determination of the procedure of meetings of one of the parents with their children upon dissolution of marriage; disputes over establishment of paternity.